Five Ways to Get Thicker Hair

Most women would love to have hair that is full and thick but for some people they just weren’t blessed with those good hair genes and suffer from female hair loss and thinning hair. While the issue for some might be more than just styling, it is always good to have a few tricks you can count on. We have made a list of a few things you can easily do to help give your hair the illusion of your hair being thicker and more full.

Curl Your Hairs Ends Inward: If you do this while straightening your hair, you will increase the look of more volume, which will make your hair appear to be thicker and fuller. It is always best to not to just iron your hair straight, as this gives your hair the appearance of being thin, plus ironing ends that are damaged will only increase the effect.

Get a Multi-Dimensional Color: One single hair color can make your hair look flat. Natural hair has multiple colors throughout, and it is these colors that catch and throw light in different ways. This gives your hair an appearance of being more full. The next time you are looking to color your hair, get some highlights (or low lights) done as well.

Blow-dry Upside Down: If you flip your head down and blow dry your hair from the roots to the tips, you will be able to give your hair a lot more volume and an overall thicker look.

Use a Mousse: If your hair needs a little extra hold and you hate to have a lot of product on your hair then using mousse is the way to go. It is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down. Just apply to the roots of your and whether your blow-dry, curl or straightening your guaranteed an increase in volume.

Get a Layered Haircut: To really help your hair take on a look being more thick, get a layered hair cut. Layered hair will bounce up, framing your face. You can still keep your length without your long hair pulling the volume out.

These ideas are the best way to achieve the look of having hair that is thick and full of volume. If your hair has lost its fullness due to female hair loss and thinning hair, you are not along. Many women suffer from thinning hair and there can be a number of different causes ranging from post-pregnancy, stress, reaction to medication and genetics. If you believe your thin, limp hair is from your hair thinning then you should talk to a hair loss specialist. They help men and women of all ages and will all types of hair loss, so they can regain a full head of hair they love.

Beauty Tips for Women With Alopecia

Alopecia Beauty Tips to Help Women Feel More Confident

Happiness comes from within.

New Orleans Hair ExtensionsThe absence of hair can crush self-esteem and confidence in women. Even though the rational and spiritual side may understand that true happiness comes from within, the emotional side can be overwhelming with a look in the mirror or with a quizzical glance from passersby.  

Women with alopecia know these conflictive feelings all too well. But there are some ways to lift your head and feel better with small, brief, short steps. Some alopecia beauty tips can help to lift you up

Take care of your skin – while your hair may be absent you should bring out the beauty of your skin. Look for skin cleansers, moisturizers and other products that will help to even out skin tone, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and help your skin to look lovely. Stick to a skin regimen that includes UV ray protection and be proud of the way your skin looks and feels.

Wigs and their reputations – bald is fabulous. But not all women are able to always feel comfortable in their beautiful bald scalp. There’s no one way to look and no set timeline. Women’s hair replacement systems can be an opportunity to explore styles and feel updated, giving you just the amount of added hair, length, body, and fullness you need. Some women are able to embrace hair replacement easily, and can turn it into fun experiments with extreme colors and styles. Others are not quite as bold, and may even be hesitant to venture outdoors. If that is the case, why not explore the wonderful world of beautiful human hair wigs at our New Orleans area salon? Whatever you choose, be sure to take it slow and steady – do what is comfortable for you, but at least explore the wonderful opportunities available to you in the world of today’s advanced women’s hair loss solutions and see what feels right for you. The stigma once associated with women’s hair replacement solutions is fading rapidly. It is OK to test the waters and talk to others about what added hair can do for you.

At Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, Louisiana, we offer a complete array of women’s hair loss solutions in a professional, caring, and above all private atmosphere where you can feel comfortable talking about your hair concerns with our dedicated staff, many of whom wear added hair themselves.  Why not call us today and schedule a free, no-obligation, private hair consultation where you can get all your questions answered.

Chemotherapy Wigs – What You Need to Know

Chemotherapy & Breast Cancer Wigs

Nioxin for womenEvery year millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer. Medical advancements have increased greatly which has lead to longer survival rates and much better of people beating many different cancer types.

At Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, Louisiana, we work with many cancer patients day in and day out helping them find the perfect look. As we all know, chemotherapy is an aggressive treatment that has a few side effects. One of which being hair loss. With everything that is happening in our client’s life, we don’t want them to have to worry about their hair as well.

So we take our 100% natural human hair wigs and customize them to fit whomever is in need. We style them to exactly what each client would like, and after we are done, all they have to worry about is being the person they’ve always been, while focusing on getting better.

Here at Hair Styles Unlimited, we make your privacy and security our top priority. Many of our clients want to be discrete about their hair loss and chemo, so they come to us even before the hair loss begins. We can closely match up what your natural hair looks like, and our custom chemotherapy wigs. So if that’s you today, or you are suffering from any other hair loss condition, come set up a free consultation and we can talk about the best solution for you!

What is Trichotillomania?

trichotillomania wigs new orleans laDo you know what trichotillomania is? Well, almost 11 million Americans suffer from trichotillomania, someone close to you is probably suffering and being aware of the disorder you can help.

The National Institute of Health classifies it as an impulse control disorder that prevents an individual from resisting the urge to pull hair from her body. Symptoms of trichotillomania usually manifest in your teenage years. We need to get rid of the stigma attached to trichotillomania… So more people will seek help. The symptoms of trichotillomania can often be alleviated, allowing the suffer to lead a normal social life with an undetectable human hair wig which breaks the hair pulling cycle.

Several pop-culture icons and public figures, such as actors Olivia Munn, Charlize Theron and Megan Fox, have went public with their condition.

If you are suffering from trichotillomania or you know someone who is, at Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, Louisiana, we offer real hair loss solutions for anyone experiencing the negative effects of trichotillomania.  We can personally customize a solution to your specific needs and provide temporary or permanent solutions to help conceal and protect a frequent place of pulling. Call today at (504) 464-5949.

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wigs Online?

The Risks of Buying Wigs Online for Hair Loss

alopecia chemotherapy human hair wigs new orleansWhen you have hair loss it can feel devastating and the reaction most often felt is to resolve it as quickly as possible. Going online and buying a wig for some it may be their first idea. You may be wondering if there are any risks involved in doing that. In short, yes. Buying wigs online probably won’t be the solution for your hair loss.

You Might Have an Allergic Reaction

One of the biggest issues with buying a wig online is that you don’t know if your scalp with have a reaction to the material that is used. The products could contain a variety of fibers, rubbers, and other contents that make up the entire hairpiece. It is possible that your scalp may react to the wig you purchased in the form of an allergic reaction. The reaction could cause itching, rashes, or more hair loss. If you are not careful when buying a wig you could complicate the issues you are having.

The Color Might Not Match

When you buy a wig you want it to match your natural hair color. The problem with making a wig purchase online is that the photos don’t always give you the true colors. Plus, you can’t get a feel for the texture in just photos and a description. The wig you get online may not match your natural hair color or have the texture you want and this leads to a mismatched look that doesn’t blend into your natural hair well.

The Size Could Be Off

When you buy a wig online it is not fitted to your head. So what you buy may not be the right size. A wig that is too large will require you to come up with creative adjustment techniques. If a wig is too small you don’t have many options but to return the item.

Effective Alternatives to Buying Wigs Online

What you get when you come to Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, Louisiana are options. You will talk to a hair loss specialist that can help you find a wig that matches your hair color, style, and texture and you get a fit that matches your head perfectly. We can coach you on how to maintain and care for your wig so you can have it for years. We examine your scalp and devise a treatment plan to sure conditions like scalp inflammation, excess oils, dry hair, and excess scalp sebum. We can even offer other hair loss solutions that can help your scalp promote hair growth.

Emotional Effects of Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is commonly associated with men, but it impacts women as well. In fact, women can suffer more from the emotional aspect of losing their hair than men. Here are some of the ways female hair loss can affect a woman emotionally:


For many women, their sense of femininity is closely tied to their hair. Long, flowing hair often symbolizes beauty and losing such a defining physical characteristic can make a woman feel less like herself and less feminine.


If a woman wakes up to clumps of hair on the pillow or in the shower, her confidence can be shaken. She may feel as though others will see her differently. Such a dramatic physical change can leave women wondering whether they are suffering from a serious physiological condition. This doubt and a loss of sense of self can easily make any woman feel less confident.


A woman who is suffering from hair loss may feel less beautiful as long as she has thin hair. She may even withdraw from social situations or isolate herself from friends and others.


When all these factors come together, a woman experiencing hair loss can suffer from depression. Conversely, clinical depression is believed to exacerbate hair loss.

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss and live in the New Orleans area, visit Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, LA. for the restoration treatment you need. We also offer hair restoration for men, so anyone who is experiencing hair loss can find help with us. 

Overcoming Female Hair loss

According to recent studies, 40% of women by the age of 50 years old will show some sign of hair loss. Woman’s hair loss is not only a problem for older adults. Many young women and even some girls struggle with the emotional effects of hair loss after they are diagnosed with certain medical disorders. Whether you’re an older woman coping with alopecia, a teenager struggling with trichotillomania, or a working professional in the midst of chemotherapy, being a woman with hair loss is not easy.

Society is far more accepting of thinning hair in men than in women. Additionally, men can don a bald head with much less societal pressure than a woman. Women are often judged more harshly than men when it comes to hairstyle, clothing, and body type. Therefore, it’s not surprising that women face tremendous emotional and social issues in reaction to hair loss and thinning hair.

Confidence is one of the most important qualities that a woman can possess. Often, a woman’s first reaction to hair loss is to hide the bald spots. For many, this reaction comes out of a genuine desire to have the hairstyle she had before the onset of hair loss. For others, it comes from the panic and fear of people seeing the bald spots and passing judgment. Check in with yourself and assess the level of anxiety you have about others’ noticing your hair loss. How do the societal expectations of how women “should look” influence your answer?

Hair texture and length is a defining part of many women’s image and identity. Changing hair colors and styles is a major way that women express their individuality. When hair loss is present, it may seem like the most important part of your beauty has been taken away. Instead of focusing on hair loss, and letting it rule your emotions, do something about it. Take the first step to a new you.

Why think about the hair you’ve lost, when you can think about the hair you can have?

Specializing in non-surgical hair loss solutions for women, we can help you find the perfect, natural looking wig or hair addition to compliment you, your sense of style, your personality. Our highest quality medical wigs give women the confidence to socialize with family and friends while maintaining as much privacy about their hair loss or medical treatments as they wish.


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Sleep Habits and Stress

There is no proven medical link between insomnia and hair loss. However, it is likely that your insomnia may be related to hair loss or shedding. Sleep issues are highly correlated to stress, life changes, and a variety of medical conditions. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, two important parts of developing a sleep habit include personal choices and sleeping environment. Read below for a few quick tips on how to shift your behavior in each domain to ensure you’re getting the sound sleep you need.

Personal Habits

Not quite sure what your sleeping habits are at the moment? Well, grab a blank notebook and start observing yourself like you might in a science experiment. Write down the exact time you get into bed and wake-up every morning. Also, jot down every time you get into bed to do something other than to sleep. If you’re struggling to fall asleep each night or you wake up in the middle of the night, try making a few small changes. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that we avoid certain activities and drinks before bed as well as add exercise into our daily routine. Begin by setting a bedtime and an alarm to wake, give or take one hour, every day of the week. Avoid napping during the day as well as drinking caffeinated beverages. Consider going to the gym and exercising in the morning or afternoon. Exercise gets you moving and will tire you out.

Sleeping Environment

Take out a pen and paper and leave them in front of you. Now, close your eyes and visualize the most relaxing, sleep-inducing environment you can imagine. How does the room look- what are the wall colors? Is the room tidy or untidy? How big is the bed? What type of sheets and pillows are on the bed? How is the room lit? How does the room smell? Do you hear any sounds in the room- if so, what are they? Open your eyes. Write down the answers to the questions above. Now, go into your bedroom and see how it compares to your list. Make the changes to your bedroom to make it a more inviting, relaxing place to sleep. If all you have is a bright overhead light, buy a bedside lamp with a warm glow. If you hate your bed sheets, go out and buy ones that are more comfortable. If you can’t remember when you bought your pillows, go out and get some new ones. If you heard classical music or a raindrops in your ideal environment, go to the store and purchase a fountain or a nature sounds CD.

Aside from eating, breathing, and drinking water, sleeping is one of the most important parts of our day. Once you have experienced several consistent nights of sound sleep, you’ll be amazed at the change in your daytime routine. If your sleep schedule is all over the place, change won’t happen overnight. It may take several weeks for your body to adjust to the lifestyle changes you’re making. If you think you may have a medical condition or are suffering from insomnia, you should consult with your physician for any medical treatments.