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Emotional Effects of Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is commonly associated with men, but it impacts women as well. In fact, women can suffer more from the emotional aspect of losing their hair than men. Here are some of the ways female hair loss can affect a woman emotionally:


For many women, their sense of femininity is closely tied to their hair. Long, flowing hair often symbolizes beauty and losing such a defining physical characteristic can make a woman feel less like herself and less feminine.


If a woman wakes up to clumps of hair on the pillow or in the shower, her confidence can be shaken. She may feel as though others will see her differently. Such a dramatic physical change can leave women wondering whether they are suffering from a serious physiological condition. This doubt and a loss of sense of self can easily make any woman feel less confident.


A woman who is suffering from hair loss may feel less beautiful as long as she has thin hair. She may even withdraw from social situations or isolate herself from friends and others.


When all these factors come together, a woman experiencing hair loss can suffer from depression. Conversely, clinical depression is believed to exacerbate hair loss.

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