What is Trichotillomania?

trichotillomania wigs new orleans laDo you know what trichotillomania is? Well, almost 11 million Americans suffer from trichotillomania, someone close to you is probably suffering and being aware of the disorder you can help.

The National Institute of Health classifies it as an impulse control disorder that prevents an individual from resisting the urge to pull hair from her body. Symptoms of trichotillomania usually manifest in your teenage years. We need to get rid of the stigma attached to trichotillomania… So more people will seek help. The symptoms of trichotillomania can often be alleviated, allowing the suffer to lead a normal social life with an undetectable human hair wig which breaks the hair pulling cycle.

Several pop-culture icons and public figures, such as actors Olivia Munn, Charlize Theron and Megan Fox, have went public with their condition.

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