What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Wigs Online?

The Risks of Buying Wigs Online for Hair Loss

alopecia chemotherapy human hair wigs new orleansWhen you have hair loss it can feel devastating and the reaction most often felt is to resolve it as quickly as possible. Going online and buying a wig for some it may be their first idea. You may be wondering if there are any risks involved in doing that. In short, yes. Buying wigs online probably won’t be the solution for your hair loss.

You Might Have an Allergic Reaction

One of the biggest issues with buying a wig online is that you don’t know if your scalp with have a reaction to the material that is used. The products could contain a variety of fibers, rubbers, and other contents that make up the entire hairpiece. It is possible that your scalp may react to the wig you purchased in the form of an allergic reaction. The reaction could cause itching, rashes, or more hair loss. If you are not careful when buying a wig you could complicate the issues you are having.

The Color Might Not Match

When you buy a wig you want it to match your natural hair color. The problem with making a wig purchase online is that the photos don’t always give you the true colors. Plus, you can’t get a feel for the texture in just photos and a description. The wig you get online may not match your natural hair color or have the texture you want and this leads to a mismatched look that doesn’t blend into your natural hair well.

The Size Could Be Off

When you buy a wig online it is not fitted to your head. So what you buy may not be the right size. A wig that is too large will require you to come up with creative adjustment techniques. If a wig is too small you don’t have many options but to return the item.

Effective Alternatives to Buying Wigs Online

What you get when you come to Hair Styles Unlimited in Kenner, Louisiana are options. You will talk to a hair loss specialist that can help you find a wig that matches your hair color, style, and texture and you get a fit that matches your head perfectly. We can coach you on how to maintain and care for your wig so you can have it for years. We examine your scalp and devise a treatment plan to sure conditions like scalp inflammation, excess oils, dry hair, and excess scalp sebum. We can even offer other hair loss solutions that can help your scalp promote hair growth.