Free Military & Police Haircuts

Hair Styles Unlimited Offers Free Haircuts,
50% Off Massages to Law Enforcement and Military

An Article by Allan Katz

A Kenner salon is offering free haircuts and 50 percent off massages to members of the military and law enforcement during the month of August.

Nancy Hihar, the owner of Hair Styles Unlimited, said the idea for the offer came to her while she was lamenting the tough time that law enforcement and the U.S. military are having both in this nation and overseas.   Hair Styles Unlimited is located at 3635 Florida Avenue and the telephone number at the appointment desk is 464-5949.  Members of law enforcement and the military should plan on wearing their uniforms when going on Hair Styles Unlimited to take advantage of the offer.

“When I see in the news media an American cursing our law enforcement or our military, I get so angry that my blood boils,” said Hihar. “I think that those who feel that way are less than one percent of our population but they get all the publicity.”  She said her offer is her way of telling those in law enforcement and the military that they are appreciated and loved for the sacrifices they make for their community, their state and their nation.

“I wanted to make something positive of my    anger and this offer seemed like a good way to express my support for those who wear the uniform of law enforcement or the military. This is our way to say, ‘Thank you for your service.  May the Lord bless and protect you, and bless and protect your family and keep you safe from harm in the performance of your extraordinarily difficult duties,’ ” said Hihar. Hihar said she comes from a patriotic family where the men served in the military and both the men and women respected the flag and were proud Americans.

“One of my specialties is hair replacement and my clients are often battling very serious illnesses,” said Hihar.  “But without exception, they are proud to be Americans and love our country.  That is why I’m so sure that those who show negativity toward our police and military are a tiny minority who get more publicity than they deserve.  I just wanted to find a positive way to tell those brave men and women who serve that we love them, we’re behind them and we want all good things for them.”